I am getting requests for Chapter 2 of Alice in Plunderland. A reader even said if it became a book he would buy (or barter for) it.  So Alice is going down the rabbit hole again . (Freezer meals for Angus and I for a day or two!)

Eric Toensmeier (Recommended Books) has just published his    GLOBAL INVENTORY OF PERENNIAL VEGETABLES
Incredibly useful - a huge list of plants, edible parts, growing conditions

Charles Eisenstein (see Abundance on the What if..? blog has a new post on his Facebook page
"Here is an example of the infinitely precious, the sacred, being converted into money. And to think: two-thirds of all gold ever mined lies unused, in vaults. What insanity drives us to destroy the very basis of life on earth in order to mine more of it?"
Charles, by the way, is considered to be "one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time" (David Korten) and seems to be on everyone's must-have speaker list.



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