I've removed the cynical cartoon on evolution from the Home page. The whole point of this website is to look at the clever stuff we are doing as a species - not spend too long on the insanities.
I haven't posted recently as I'm absorbed in Bruce Lipton's book Spontaneous Evolution.   Even though I am familiar with much of his perspective ( I read his Biology of Belief some years back) I am still finding what he is saying quite mind-blowing. 
If you're prepared to move out of your comfort zone ( 'suspended disbelief' is another way of putting it) you may well enjoy it as much as I am.  I thought I'd done enough paradigm shifting for one lifetime!  But here I am again - rethinking and questioning  beliefs and assumptions.
This will influence where the website is going, so pleasebear with the interval for the time being.
I hope to be posting Chapter 3 of 'Alice' soon



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