Fantastic food Forest here in New Zealand

"Riverton is a quaint little windswept fishing settlement on the far-south coastline of New Zealand’s beautiful South Island (map). As well as being one of the southernmost inhabited towns in the world, and one of New Zealand’s oldest European settlements, Riverton has another, more relevant, claim to fame — that of hosting one of the best food forests I’ve ever seen! With this post, and the video included, I want to give you a bit of a look at this temperate climate, biological cornucopia."
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I've subscribed to Geoff's online course  and have been watching his introductory videos. So far, so brilliant!.  I've been asked by a Facebook friend why I chose this course rather than a UK  online course. I will try to answer this as well as provide a review of Geoff's course
Here's a new  excellent film from John Liu

Apologies for my recent absence to those of you who have been following this. I don't have many readers, but according to Google Analytics, those who do visit, spend a considerable time on many of the pages, so I must be doing something right!
I have been massively side-tracked by a controversy arising from 2 talks removed by TED.  My interest and participation in this has made me new on-line friends, invitations to new Facebook groups and ever more links to follow. It's been like a spontaneous Festival of Ideas - fun, thought-provoking, mentally exhausting  ( and has raised my optimism levels by several degrees, so I hope to bring back some of this to share with you).  The discussion still goes on across many blogs and I see no sign of it ending,  but it's time for me to leave now and get back on track with this site.
The break was good because I must now consider where this website is going and who my readers may be.
It started off fairly focussed on perennial plants and permaculture, then evolved into thoughts on the 'bigger picture', and then an unintended foray into fiction with 'Alice'.. Maybe I need to break it up into different media - a new specific website, a FaceBook page.
Areas of focus that I will keep
1. The imperative to transcend the gloom, focus on a perennial (sustainable) future and the visibly manifesting trends and undercurrents  effecting this.  (both effecting and affecting)
 The rapidly increasing spread of permaculture ideas and ethics is a part of this. Others are future studies, conscious evolution, and the restoration of words such as spirit, meaning, sacred, universal love.
I must qualify this by stating that I do not share the conviction that many have that  techno-fixes (dangled by biotech-companies and others.) will save us from our crises.
I'm with those who suggest and, in fact prove, that we have many unaccessed and unrealised potentials within our brains, hearts and minds. (This somewhat vague statement will be expanded upon in later posts.)
2. Continuing with Alice's Adventures in Plunderland which is a fictionalized exposure of some of the insanities of current mind-sets and behaviours, twinned with an exploration of  more sustainable alternatives within those contexts.
3. New focus. I'm currently reading a New Zealanders' PhD  thesis  on how to reawaken children's interest in science. One of the models he presents is of  scientific literacy  nested within ecological literacy. I think this is the way forward.  Ecology becoming the queen of science ?  (Actually I also quite like the thought of reductionist science embedded in ecological science!)
Arising from these thoughts, on a practical, literally down-to-Earth level , my daughter Jo, and  I,  are planning to create some kind of blog, visual journal and/or Facebook page of our  science 'lessons' in the garden, with Jo's two little girls, Abbie, now five and  Katy, two and a half.
 This is where all science should begin - in the real world not in a white coat in a laboratory.
(David Abram  "The whole universe of science is built upon the world as directly experienced")

PS It would be nice to get some feedback!
(you don't have to put your real name and your email is never disclosed)
"Harmful to the rural character of the locality"?
I would have thought it eminently suited to the rural character of the locality!
And just take a look inside!

I've removed the cynical cartoon on evolution from the Home page. The whole point of this website is to look at the clever stuff we are doing as a species - not spend too long on the insanities.
I haven't posted recently as I'm absorbed in Bruce Lipton's book Spontaneous Evolution.   Even though I am familiar with much of his perspective ( I read his Biology of Belief some years back) I am still finding what he is saying quite mind-blowing. 
If you're prepared to move out of your comfort zone ( 'suspended disbelief' is another way of putting it) you may well enjoy it as much as I am.  I thought I'd done enough paradigm shifting for one lifetime!  But here I am again - rethinking and questioning  beliefs and assumptions.
This will influence where the website is going, so pleasebear with the interval for the time being.
I hope to be posting Chapter 3 of 'Alice' soon

Chapter 2 of Alice in Plunderland is up.
It's called  Balancing Acts.
I hope you enjoy it.
Don't forget to look at the comments and info after
I'm sure there'll be lots of 'yes buts..'! Please share them in the comments box below.
Lots to discuss. Shall I set up a Forum?
I am getting requests for Chapter 2 of Alice in Plunderland. A reader even said if it became a book he would buy (or barter for) it.  So Alice is going down the rabbit hole again . (Freezer meals for Angus and I for a day or two!)

Eric Toensmeier (Recommended Books) has just published his    GLOBAL INVENTORY OF PERENNIAL VEGETABLES
Incredibly useful - a huge list of plants, edible parts, growing conditions

Charles Eisenstein (see Abundance on the What if..? blog has a new post on his Facebook page
"Here is an example of the infinitely precious, the sacred, being converted into money. And to think: two-thirds of all gold ever mined lies unused, in vaults. What insanity drives us to destroy the very basis of life on earth in order to mine more of it?"
Charles, by the way, is considered to be "one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time" (David Korten) and seems to be on everyone's must-have speaker list.

  • The post about John D. Liu is here
  • I've completely re-written the Home Page. (I've kept the old one - don't want to waste all that work!)
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  • Separate pages for each of the 'perennial people'. I plan to keep adding people and no-one wants to scroll down for ever!
  • Why our fruit and veg are less nutritious than they were 50 years ago
  • Chapter 2 of Alice in Plunderland. 

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  • I have been asked to suggest an easy way to start growing perennial crops. Coming soon.
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